Digital Torque Wrench/Torque Adapter FAQ ARM60x / RM60x


Applicable Model#

ARM601-3, ARM601-4, ARM602-3, ARM602-4

RM601-3, RM601-4, RM602-3, RM604-4A

Q: I see ERR on display when powering up

If an over-torque (over 110% of stated max. torque) is applied to the Product, ERR will be shown when powering up as a record and reminder.  Product will operate normally after bootup

** DO NOT over torque Product **

Q: Can I use Impact Wrench with torque adapter?

Never Do this! this will over torque the product

Q: Display not showing torque value

Always check battery first.  Product display value from the stated min. torque value.  Please refer to user manual for the torque range

Q: Auto Shutdown

Product will shut down after 2 mins in idle.  Press any button or do a torque will reset timer.

Q: Quick Start Instructions

See below for quick start. Always refer User Manual detailed operations information

  • ARM602 x insert batteries
  • ARM602 x quick guide
  • ARM604 x quick guide