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20V BRUSHLESS 1/2″ Jumbo Impact Wrench, 6/ 7/ 28-Stage ETC & Auto Shut-Off, RI2036-xx

User Manual

60V Cordless 1 inch BRUSHLESS Jumbo Impact Wrench 5-Stage Torque Control (max 3,000 ft-lbs), RI60176-xx

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60V Cordless 1/2″ BRUSHLESS Impact Wrench, 3-Stage ETC (max. 517 ft-lbs), RI60166A1-xx

60V Cordless 1/2″ or 3/4″ BRUSHLESS Jumbo Impact Wrench 3-Stage (max 1500 ft-lbs reverse), ETC RI60164-xx

60V Cordless BRUSHLESS 2-Speed Jumbo Hammer Drill, RK60132-xx

User Manual

60V Cordless Li-ion BRUSHLESS Concrete Vibrator, RZ6008-xx

User Manual

60V Cordless Li-ion BRUSHLESS Impact Driver (max. 200 ft-lbs), RI60165A1-xx

60V Cordless SDS-Plus BRUSHLESS Rotary Hammer Drill (2.3 J), RY6001-xx

User Manual

Durofix 1/2″ Digital Angle Torque Adapter (25-250 ft-lbs, max 720 degree), RM604-4A

Durofix 1/2″ Digital Torque Adapter (25-250 ft-lbs) with Audible/LED Alert RM602-4A

Durofix 3/8″ Digital Torque Adapter (5.9-59 ft-lbs), RM602-3

Durofix 3/8″ Digital Torque Wrench (3.7 to 37 ft-lbs), Buzzer & LED Flash Notification, RM601-3

User Manual

Durofix Pro-Assembly 40V Cordless Oil Pulse Tool, Max 90 Nm, Wireless Comm., Brushless, Auto Shut-off, RZ4012-WR-XX

Durofix RW1216-3P G12 Series Cordless 3/8” Extended Ratchet Wrench Tool Kit, 65 ft-lbs

User Manual

P20 series 20V Cordless SDS-Plus BRUSHLESS Rotary Hammer Drill, RY2001-xx

User Manual


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Pro-Assembly 20V 1/2″ Brushless Impact Wrench, 50-Stages ETC, Auto Shut-off, RI20126-XX

User Manual

Pro-Assembly 20V Auto-Shutoff Angled Nut Runner Tool, 90Nm Max Torque, , RV2047-W-XX

User Manual

Pro-Assembly 20V Brushless Driver, Wireless Comm., 12Nm Max Torque, Auto Shut-off, RV2048-W-xx

Pro-Assembly Transducerized 20V Wireless Precision Tool, Max 24 Nm, RV2052-WR-xx