Durofix 60V series tools draw less current and with reduced heat build up.  They deliver monstrous power and up to 35% more run time compare with same power capacity in Watt-Hours (60V @2.0Ah Battery vs 20V @6.0Ah Battery).

Together with precise torque control using ETC technologies & BLDC motor, the 60V Series enable industrial applications with increased mobility compared with pneumatic tools.

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RI60176 1-inch Drive Jumbo Impact Wrench

Normal And Extended Anvil

RI60176 is a powerful 1-inch drive impact wrench that comes with normal anvil length (RI60176) or 6″ Extended Anvil (RI60176E) for various applications.  The extended anvil comes in handy for truck tire maintenance or service. 

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High Power, High Precision

Featuring 5-Stage Electronic Torque Control (ETC) & Auto-Shutoff function (first 4 Stages).  250 / 500 / 800 / 1,250 / max tightening 2,200 ft-lb, max reverse 3,000 ft-lb for all industrial applications.

ETC also available in Reverse mode for reverse thread bolt (without Auto-Shutoff)

Customization of preset torque available.  Contact Us

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1 or 2 Batteries Operations

RI60176 Impact Wrench operates with 1 or 2 batteries inserted and having same output power level.  It can work up to 250+ bolts (1-1/4″) with two 150Wh pack (60V @2.5A)

Battery bays designed on the side to prevent battery from damaging when dropped

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Battery Options

Durofix 60V battery pack options include 120Wh ( B6029LA, 60V @2Ah), 150Wh (B6029LB, 60V @2.5Ah) and 240Wh (B6035LE, 60V @4.0Ah).  All features advance BMS technologies for high current discharge and safety protections.

60V Impact Wrenches Torque Chart

3 impact wrenches cover from 74 to 3,000 ft-lb

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60V 3 impact wrench torque