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Industrial jumbo critical joints are a challenge as it demands power, speed and accuracy.  Of these three qualities, you can only pick two at the same time.  Durofix 60V series and RV2070 Transducerized Multiplier Tool (aka Cordless Torque Wrench), are perfect solutions for such critical applications.

60V tools can be used for pre-tightening the jumbo critical joints due to their high torque, high speed and enduring power.  Then follow up with the RV2070 cordless torque wrench to finish the job to the exact torque per user’s specification.

high power, high speed and high precision.

RV2070 Cordless Torque Wrench

The power and Precision You Need

RV2070 is equipped with state-of-the-art transducer sensing technologies.  It delivers monstrous torque (max. 1,600 ft-lbs) and precision shutoff.  Perfect for the final tightening on industrial grade critical joints after pre-tightening.

Key Features

  • Transducerized torque sensing: High accuracy at Cmk > 1.67 (6 sigma)
  • Wide torque range: 19 to 1600 ft-lb (26 to 2160 Nm)* (4 models available)
  • Full control on tool back panel with OLED display, 8 setting profiles, set target torque/angle and more
  • Remote tool setting possible using optional wireless communication controller
  • 20V Lithium-ion battery and brushless motor deliver long lifespan and high reliability
  • Built-in wireless data communications and controls for real time or batch upload of rundown records
  • 7 to 46 RPM (varies depending on models)


RV2070 Models  

Advanced Battery Technologies

Every Durofix Lithium-ion battery pack delivers extended lifespan and longtime storage features by using our intelligent battery management system (BMS) which incorporates advanced circuitry to monitor each single lithium-ion cell inside the battery pack to optimize the charging process and ensure exceptional longevity and safety.

Durofix 60V Series

Power, Speed, Endurance

60V battery pack pumps same power (W) with less current and, thus, generated less heat.  The saved power translates to max. 35% more runtime compared same capacity (Wh) battery pack* .

 * Compared to same 20V battery pack with same capacity in Watt-Hour

60V Impact Wrenches Torque Chart

3 impact wrenches cover from 74 to 3,000 ft-lb

See 60V Tools in Action
60V 3 impact wrench torque

Electronic Torque Control

Featuring Electronic Torque Control (ETC*) & Auto-Shutoff function (depends on model), 60V tools are perfect choice for pre-tightening applications

ETC also available in Reverse mode for reverse thread bolt (without Auto-Shutoff)

ETC monitors and adjusts electrical based on pre-parameters 

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