FAQ for Digital Torque Wrench/Torque Adapter ARM60x / RM60x

Applicable Model#

ARM601-3, ARM601-4, ARM602-3, ARM602-4

RM601-3, RM601-4, RM602-3, RM604-4A


Q: I see ERR on display when powering up

If an over-torque (over 110% of stated max. torque) is applied to the Product, ERR will be shown when powering up as a record and reminder.  Product will operate normally after bootup

** DO NOT over torque Product **

Q: Can I use Impact Wrench with torque adapter?
Never Do this! this will over torque the product
Q: Display not showing torque value
Always check battery first.  Product display value from the stated min. torque value.  Please refer to user manual for the torque range

Q: Display shows 4-digit seemingly random number
This is a factory mode.  make sure the jumper is in place 

Screenshot 2021 07 09 113801
Make sure jumper in place

Q: Device Shutdown Itself
Product will shut down after 2 mins in idle.  Press any button or do a torque will reset timer.
Q: Cannot power up ARM6xx digital torque wrench (or show low battery) even with new batteries
Possible contact issue on the battery cartridge (battery holder), contact us for replacement.
Q: Torque adapter shows 999 and beeps and LED flashing after powering up

The internal wire harness could be broken between string gauge (at anvil) and control board.

Never hold the torque adapter while torquing.  Let the adapter turns with the bolt.

ARM602 x do not hold 800px
ARM602 x do not hold while torquing