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Basics of Electronic Torque Control (ETC) and Torque Measurement

Some Basic of Electronic Torque Control (ETC) Electronic Torque Control utilizes advanced sensing and control [...]

Why my ETC Auto-shutoff tool stops at lower torque than stated?

The ETC auto-shutoff (Electronic Torque Control) torque values are measured based on tuned lab conditions [...]

Ratchet Anvil Assembly SOP | ACDelco/Durofix Cordless Ratchet Wrenches

Compatible model: ACDelco Tools: ARW1207, ARW1208, ARW1209, ARW1210, ARW1218 Durofix: RW1210, RW1216 Download PDF  here  [...]

Power Ratchet Wrench Q&A

Power Ratchet Wrench 101   Power Ratchet wrenches are often used to replace manual ratchet [...]

ARM601-x RM601-x RM607-x No Power – Battery Holder Test

If ARM601-x RM601-x or RM607-x can’t be powered on or shows “LOV” (Low Voltage).  Perform [...]

Quick Start Guide of Digital Torque Adapter

Applicable Model# ARM602-3, ARM602-4x, RM602-3, RM604-4A Check also FAQ page Step 1: Insert Batteries (2x [...]

Tips of installing Flexible Shaft on RZ6008 concrete vibrator

Connect the spring inside flex shaft to motor before attaching shaft to tool [...]

Digital Torque Wrench FAQ ARM3xx series

Applicable models 1/4″ Drive: ARM313-2A, ARM325-2i, ARM331-2i, 3/8″ Drive: ARM315-3A, ARM327-3i, 1/2″ Drive: ARM303-4A, ARM317-4A, [...]

FAQ for Digital Torque Wrench/Torque Adapter ARM60x / RM60x

Applicable Model# ARM601-3, ARM601-4, ARM602-3, ARM602-4 RM601-3, RM601-4, RM602-3, RM604-4A           [...]