Durofix Brushless Tools and Their Advantage

Dedicated to the development of highly reliable and portable power tools designed to be used by both professionals and enthusiasts in the automotive, woodworking, construction and industrial fields,

Durofix is part of the Mobiletron Group. To facilitate the development of top of the range portable brushless tools that outperform any competing products, Durofix has relied on the use of a variety of advanced technologies all aimed at ensuring unmatched power delivery, enhanced electrical control, and spectacular battery power management. To create a high-performance motor system that delivers the power and reliability that all power tool users require at their job sites, Durofix relies on the seamless combination of a torque controllable IC board and brushless motor. As you will find out below, this innovative design, combined with the motor’s quality design and construction, combine to give Durofix tools an edge over other power tools including pneumatic options.

Quality Is Everything

To ensure that Durofix brushless tools perform as promised in practical applications, the manufacturer places a lot of emphasis on the use of quality parts and in their construction. All critical technologies, spanning from the design and construction of various components, right through to their final assembly are handled by Mobiletron. To enhance torque performance while also reducing the size of their portable tools, Durofix handles the development of their brushless motors and Li-ion battery systems, which are designed to improve battery life in addition to charging at any time.

The Durofix Brushless Tool Advantage

The above dedication to quality and innovation leads to the creation of an undeniable advantage for Durofix brushless tools. In a nutshell better power delivery, increased tool life, efficiency, and battery life are all achieved through the controllable IC board and brushless motor combination (Control + Communication Integrated) design. Here’ how this is done:

  • Improved Efficiency: For starters, the use of brushless motor technology eliminates any chance of worn-out brushes, and with it, reduces power transformation loss, eliminates sparking, and reduces the generation of heat. The efficiency of the motor is also enhanced by the Direct Airflow cooling which achieves better cooling than competitors by at least 10°C. Lastly, by using less wiring and a sturdier and more compact structure the motor is not only easier to assemble but also has less resistance.


  • Precise Torque Delivery: Power tool users crave accurate torque delivery when at work. Durofix brushless power tools help make this a reality thanks to their patented ETC (Electronic Torque Control) system. To facilitate the most accurate delivery of torque, electronic control is used.


  • Better Protection: Finally, to ensure that they survive for as long as possible in the most demanding work conditions, these power tools are protected from the damaging effects of dust and water by being IP56 certified.


Portable Durofix brushless power tools are designed to provide users with all the power they need to fasten more screws and drill more holes in the most efficient and accurate fashion. To this end, the manufacturer relies on the use of the most advanced technologies churned out by their R&D efforts as well as meticulous component design, production, and assembly process.