Digital Torque Wrench FAQ ARM3xx series

Applicable models

1/4″ Drive: ARM313-2A, ARM325-2i, ARM331-2i,

3/8″ Drive: ARM315-3A, ARM327-3i,

1/2″ Drive: ARM303-4A, ARM317-4A, ARM329-4i

3/4″ Drive: ARM319-6A, ARM321-6A

1″ Drive: ARM323-8A

Q: Display showing Non-Stop 0000

For product with angle measurement function, the 0000 means the internal gyroscope is performing angle self-calibration during power cycle.  Place product on flat surface when powering up, the self-calibration will be finished in 2~4 seconds.

Angle self-calibration is NOT torque calibration.  Angle calibration is automatic.  Torque calibration can only be done manually with professional equipment 

Q: Display showing 8888

Product will show 8888 if powered up by pressing “C” & “U/S” button simultaneously.  it means Product is entering manual torque calibration mode.  Press any 4-button to exit.  Product will be back in normal operation.

** Manual torque calibration is ONLY for professional test lab.  Improper torque calibration process may cause product non-operational and warranty voided**

** If you’re professional test lab and need to perform calibration, contact us for the special key sequence **

Q: Auto Shutdown

Product will shut down after 2 mins in idle.  Press any button or do a torque will reset timer.