Basics of Electronic Torque Control (ETC) and Torque Measurement

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Some Basic of Electronic Torque Control (ETC) Electronic Torque Control utilizes advanced sensing and control capabilities of a Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor to precisely regulate current going into the motor.  Specific torque at each Stage was tuned according to the brushless motor specification, gears/impact mechanism, current and timing.  It is similar to a car gear […]

Why my ETC Auto-shutoff tool stops at lower torque than stated?

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The ETC auto-shutoff (Electronic Torque Control) torque values are measured based on tuned lab conditions of regular test bolts on a hard joint, and motor powered by preset electric parameters: Voltage (V) Current (A) Speed (RPM) Timing (T) For more information about ETC, click here However, the measured torque from this same preset parameters on […]

Quick Start Guide of Digital Torque Adapter

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Applicable Model# ARM602-3, ARM602-4x, RM602-3, RM604-4A Check also FAQ page Step 1: Insert Batteries (2x CR2032) Step 2: Set the Torque Alert Value. See below quick instructions for Changing mode (Peak, Trace, Setup), changing unit, setting Alarm Angle mode available for selected models only (e.g. RM604-4A).  Angle mode on RM604-4A does NOT support alarm setting […]

Digital Torque Wrench FAQ ARM3xx series

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Applicable models 1/4″ Drive: ARM313-2A, ARM325-2i, ARM331-2i, 3/8″ Drive: ARM315-3A, ARM327-3i, 1/2″ Drive: ARM303-4A, ARM317-4A, ARM329-4i 3/4″ Drive: ARM319-6A, ARM321-6A 1″ Drive: ARM323-8A Q: Display showing Non-Stop 0000 For product with angle measurement function, the 0000 means the internal gyroscope is performing angle self-calibration during power cycle.  Place product on flat surface when powering up, […]

The Assembly Show South 2023 (Nashville)

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Durofix is a proud participant of the first ever The Assembly Show South 2023 in Nashville. During the 2-day exhibition in beautiful city of Nashville, Tennessee, Durofix has showcased the upcoming new members of its Transducerized tools, RV2053 and RV2054.  Both products equipped with Electric-Pulse System (EPS) aims to lower reaction and protect users’ wrist. […]

Ratchet Anvil Assembly SOP | ACDelco/Durofix Cordless Ratchet Wrenches


Compatible model: ACDelco Tools: ARW1207, ARW1208, ARW1209, ARW1210, ARW1218 Durofix: RW1210, RW1216 Download PDF  here  Purchase the repair kit here What’s in Anvil Repair Kit ? Removing Old Anvil Assembly Assemble the Anvil Kit

Power Ratchet Wrench Q&A

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Power Ratchet Wrench 101   Power Ratchet wrenches are often used to replace manual ratchet wrenches by saving repeated arm movement and faster spin.  As the applications are to use in tight space and save repeated arm motion, the torque power is usually secondary to many skilled users because the ratchet mechanism in the tool […]