Quick Start Guide of Digital Torque Adapter

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Applicable Model# ARM602-3, ARM602-4x, RM602-3, RM604-4A Check also FAQ page Step 1: Insert Batteries (2x CR2032) Step 2: Set the Torque Alert Value. See below quick instructions for Changing mode (Peak, Trace, Setup), changing unit, setting Alarm Angle mode available for selected models only (e.g. RM604-4A) Apply Adapter on Bolts. Remember below to prevent possible damage […]

Digital Torque Wrench FAQ ARM3xx series

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Applicable models 1/4″ Drive: ARM313-2A, ARM325-2i, ARM331-2i, 3/8″ Drive: ARM315-3A, ARM327-3i, 1/2″ Drive: ARM303-4A, ARM317-4A, ARM329-4i 3/4″ Drive: ARM319-6A, ARM321-6A 1″ Drive: ARM323-8A Q: Display showing Non-Stop 0000 For product with angle measurement function, the 0000 means the internal gyroscope is performing angle self-calibration during power cycle.  Place product on flat surface when powering up, […]

Durofix Brushless Tools and Their Advantage

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Dedicated to the development of highly reliable and portable power tools designed to be used by both professionals and enthusiasts in the automotive, woodworking, construction and industrial fields, Durofix is part of the Mobiletron Group. To facilitate the development of top of the range portable brushless tools that outperform any competing products, Durofix has relied […]